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Therefore we offer you the highest quality cars, experienced drivers and beyond for the very competitive prices. That is not all. We are able to reserve following services to your comfortable travel:


Do you need to get fast from the airport from your hotel or to have lunch with your business partners in their office just in an hour? Do you mind unreliability and continual arrangements of prices with the local taxidrivers? We can do much more for you! We carry you wherever and anytime not only in the town but your transfer can be realized also between cities, airports and tourist resorts (mountains, sea, spa) or even within another states.

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Do you get angry that you pay more money for transfer then for the air ticket? We offer very favourite transfers from the airports where are flying the low cost companies to the places of your holiday.

Rent a car service

Whether you are on your holiday or on the business trip, you will certainly need a car. We offer the wide choice of automobiles from the small ones to the busses both of the international and the cal renters for standard conditions which you are accustomed to.


Do you want to enjoy your journey? Observe the running paysage from your compartment, enjoy slow romantic sailing with the steamboat or liner or open sea from the board of your ferry? Select one of the possibility of the transport which suit you the best. We gladly arrange for you both the intranational and international tickets.

  • Railway tickets 
  • Boarding card and tickets 
  • Ferries


For more exacting clients or VIP we arrange limousines with chauffeurs who is at your disposal during your stay abroad. You can use the limusines also for festival occasions or wedding jubilee.

Air tickets

We do not generally make air tickets, but we are able to arrange upon request the tickets intranational for Russia and Ukraine.

Look at these chosen web pages where we selected some internet sites containing information about air tickets.



Historical vehicles

Take a ride with the antique means of transport and at the moment you will be found like in an another period. Enjoy slow journey with historical tramway, let to carry away by the fascinating drive in the shiny vintage car or live through unrepeatable drive with the carriage like kings! We propose you the attractive offer of these three vehicles for the bargain prices.

  • tramway 
  • vintage car 
  • carriage

Fly with balloon

Do you want to experience something untraditional? Then take advantage of our special offer and enjoy a day spent in the balloon. There is nothing most beautiful then the world of the bird´s eyeview and beyond in the smashing invention of 19th century!

Sightseeing flight

Sight seeing flight is one of relaxing sports which we gladly negotiate you on our sites. One of the tips for your trip can be just the flight of the sightseeing plane.

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